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An original painting is a life-long investment

with an exponential appreciative value. 

The following is a general guideline to pricing of an original,

but price varies with complexity of subject matter.

Commissions are always welcome.

Thank you for your interest in my work, my passion.


Small landscape (10" x 10" and 12" x 12") range from 750-1250.

Medium landscape (16" x 24," 20" x 20") range from 1500-4000.

Large landscape (24" x 30," 36" x 36") range from 5000-10,000+


~ The artist creates completely original paintings, using your photography as reference material.

~ The painting price cannot be exactly quoted until the artist evaluates the coat and size of the the animal, as well as the background.

~ Prices are subject to change and quotes are guaranteed by a deposit.

~ Painting must be completed within six months of deposit, or subject to price increase.

~ Prices as follows:

10" x 10" linen: $1250

12" x 12" linen: $1550.

15" x 15" linen: $2000.



Most paintings in the portfolio section/gallery are available for custom reproduction.

Print prices are as follows:

Small landscape w/ 2" border: (10" x 10" and 12" x 12"):  $150.

Medium landscape w/ 2" border:  (16" x 24" and" 20" x 20"):  $250.

Large landscape w/ 2" border: (24" x 30" and 36" x 36"):  $500.














The above paintings are guides to paper printing on the left, with 2" surround white border. The painting on the right, without border, is recommended only for Giclee on canvas reproductions, which come with a 2" mirrored side image.

Step One:  

Email, text, or call me  (912-844-2077) to start a conversation regarding print size, media (canvas or paper), and how to begin.

Speaking with the artist assists you with specifics about your purchase.


Step Two:  

After size and media are agreed upon, a payment through Venmo is required.  I will then promptly proceed with your custom printing. 

~ Larger sizes are available.

~ Prices are averaged closest to above measurements.

~ Price includes S &H, depending on your US zip code or country of origin. 

~ Allow two weeks for shipping.

~ Satisfaction guaranteed.

Again, thank you!

Nighttime on the Okefenokee16x16.file - Copy.jpg
Nighttime on the Okefenokee.jpg



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